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Sometimes the grass really is greener… With a booming economy and strong labour force, New Zealand is becoming the fastest growing market with the lowest unemployment rates in the developed world. That’s why it’s KiwiCalling’s mission to be the bridge that connects South Africans with potential employers in New Zealand.

Thanks to its sheer diversity of sights – like glorious sandy beaches, great native forests, snow-clad mountains, lakes, rivers and fjords – as well as friendly people, the transition for South Africans into New Zealand will be seamless. Also, due to its geographical location and the growing need for skills possessed by many of the South African workforce, opportunities to migrate to the land of Kiwis are endless.

If your skills are listed by the New Zealand skill shortages lists posted by Immigration New Zealand, your chances of finding work are greatly increased.

Most South Africans will find that their qualifications and experience are generally recognised, and that there are several areas in the country where the job market is particularly strong for those who possess certain skills. Even if your occupation isn’t on the list, there are lots of opportunities in New Zealand for migrants.

You’ll need an employment visa to work in New Zealand. There are several different types available. As we are not licensed immigration agents, you will need to visit Immigration New Zealand for advice.

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