We have composed a list of answers to some of your frequently asked questions. Although we have answered the questions as adequately as we can, errors and omissions are excluded.

How do I find a genuine job offer in NZ?

  • We are currently working with a number of recruitment Companies who assists our clients to find genuine jobs.
  • They will usually make contact with you and then make arrangements with employers for you to be attend an interview.
  • It is not always easy to find a job in New Zealand and you will help yourself by the following advice.
  • Excellent English, [ talk slowly, especially pronouncing your name ]
  • Good CV which is easy to read by New Zealand employers.
  • Being determined and having patience.
  • Bring sufficient money to support yourself while you are looking for a job, this could take 6 months.
  • Be prepared for knock backs.
  • Target the companies that you wish to work for and follow up your CV.
  • Follow up all newspaper leads.
  • Check the yellow pages.
  • Register with chamber of commerce website for assisting migrants.
  • Socialise and tell everyone what sort of job you are looking for.
  • Arrange a mobile phone so employers are able to contact you.
  • Be prepared with your name address & phone number on a card [once you get talking to New Zealand people, they could know someone]
  • Remember once you have been offered a job, we can assist with exactly what requirements will be needed by the Immigration Department.

Will my residence application be successful?

This depends on the following:

  • You have good settlement factors such as, NZ Job offer, spouse job offer, good qualifications.
  • NZ study or work experience.
  • You have excellent English.
  • Your documents are genuine.
  • You have obtained a genuine job offer where required.
  • Medically fit, etc.
  • No criminal convictions.

If you are in NZ, and have lodged an application, how long will it take to process?

This will depend on what type of application is lodged:

  • Long Term Business Visa applications can take 6-9 months
  • Business Investor Category 6+ months
  • Skilled Migration Category can take anywhere between 6-12 months;
  • however, some applications may take longer than others, as each application is processed on a case by case basis
  • Family category 12 months +

Do you charge for assessments?

All our assessments are free.

Can I get a benefit or financial assistance after arriving in NZ?

The answer is absolutely no. New Zealand does not need or want people who can not support themselves.

Why do I need to prove that I can speak English?

English is the first language in NZ and you could find life difficult or experience problems with getting a job, if you are unable to speak fluent English.

This is why Immigration Department rules are now seeking a higher range of English skills. The better your English the better the job. This means the better you and your family will settle.

Why does the application take so long to process?

Your documents need to be checked to make sure that the application that has been presented is correct and true.

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